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B.J. Hickey Scholarship

  • Applications Open
  • 17 October - 18 November
  • Applications Considered
  • Friday 10 December
  • Recipients Notified
  • Friday 10 December
  • Scholarship Ceremony
  • February, 2023

B.J. Hickey Scholarships are offered to lay people residing in the Archdiocese of Perth. They are for Biblical studies of any length at any level, locally, interstate, overseas (such as Jerusalem or Rome) or online. Applicants are invited to propose a Biblical study project that suits their own interests and capabilities, such as a short Bible course at the Tantur Institute or the Center for Biblical Formation in Jerusalem, or a Biblically oriented unit through the Broken Bay Institute or the University of Notre Dame, or a conference on the Bible. You do not need to be an academic – just someone with a desire to improve their understanding of the Scriptures and to help others with that knowledge.

Applications will be principally assessed upon two criteria:

  1. The degree to which the proposed project focuses on the scripture specifically. For example, a request to fund a short course on Mark’s Gospel will be favoured over a request to fund a short course on Marriage and the Family (even if the latter does draw on Biblical sources).
  2. The willingness, availability and capability of the applicant to use his or her Biblical studies to make a contribution at a parish and/or Archdiocesan level.
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Applications currently closed

Applications for the B.J. Hickey Scholarship open in October each year and remain open for approximately 5 weeks. To stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter at For more information, email [email protected] or call 9278 0261

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