Pathway Program

Pathway Towards Formal Recognition of Theological Studies

The Centre for Faith Enrichment (CFE) is collaborating with The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) to offer students a pathway towards formal recognition of theological studies.

This Pathway Program is for students from the CFE to attain a formal Undergraduate Certificate in Theology (UGCertTh) or a Diploma of Theology (DTheol), which will be awarded through UNDA.

Students undertaking specified courses from the CFE, at the approved standard of teaching and learning, may obtain advanced standing or credit for these courses in the UGCertTh or DTheol within the limits of the UNDA General Regulations


The Pathway Program endeavors to provide foundations for those with no previous background in theological studies, as well as being designed for those who wish to deepen their theological knowledge, those preparing for or involved in pastoral ministry, or for those who wish to pursue such studies for reasons of personal and spiritual growth.

Theology is a useful qualification for those wishing to exercise various ministries within the Christian community and to contribute to the work of the Church. It is also the necessary basis for graduate theological study and research.

The UGCertTh is a half year full-time (or equivalent part-time) program and the DTheol is a one year full-time (or equivalent part-time) program.

The maximum period of time within which a student is permitted to complete the degrees is 2 years for the UGCertTh and 4 years for the DTheol.

The UGCertTh and DTheol cover five discipline areas:

  • Scripture
  • Church History
  • Systematic Theology
  • Moral Theology
  • Pastoral Theology

The Pathway Program will offer rigorous preparation for those wanting to be involved in pastoral ministry and other career paths involving critical thinking, evaluation of arguments, teaching, problem solving and clear and creative writing. Professional avenues that may be enhanced by this collaboration include, but are not limited to:

  • Agency work within the Church
  • Mission integration within Catholic healthcare, aged care, chaplaincy, prison ministry and pastoral counselling
  • Education and teaching (upon completion of a graduate-entry teaching qualification)
  • Academic teaching
  • Journalism and media
  • Youth work
  • Public Libraries
  • Research Institutes

Full details of the program requirements are contained in the following Program Regulations

Undergraduate Certificate in Theology  (see pg 23)

Diploma of Theology

The UGCertTh and DTheol are taught at AQF Level 5.  Overviews of the UGCertTh and DTheol programs are presented in Appendix A.


Semester One Semester Two

Course Code


Course Title

Units of credit  

Course Code


Course Title

Units of credit
Core Curriculum Course 25 Theology Elective 4 25
Theology Elective 1 25 Theology Elective 5 25
Theology Elective 2 25 Theology Elective 6 25
Theology Elective 3 25 Theology Elective 7* 25
Total Units of Credit for Y1 S1 100 Total Units of Credit for Y1 S2 100
Total Units of Credit Year One 200


Theology Electives 2021 Pre-requisites / Co-requisites CFE equivalent
THEO1110: Introduction to Old Testament Nil  CFE1110
THEO1210: Introduction to New Testament Nil  CFE1210
THEO2001: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Nil  CFE2001
THEO2002: Introduction to New Testament Greek Nil  CFE2002
THEO2003: Introduction to Latin Nil  CFE2003
THEO2120: Pentateuch Nil  CFE2120
THEO2130: Psalms and Wisdom Nil  CFE2130
THEO2210: Writings of Paul Nil  CFE2210
THEO2220: Synoptic Gospels Nil  CFE2220
THEO2230: Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles Nil  CFE2230
THEO3001: Translating Biblical Hebrew THEO2001  CFE3001
THEO3002: Translating New Testament Greek THEO2002  CFE3002
THEO3003: Translating Latin THEO2002 CFE3003
THEO3010: Scripture and Church Nil  CFE3010
THEO3140: The Prophets – Critics of the Status Quo Nil  CFE3140
THEO3220: Johannine Literature Nil  CFE3220
THEO2310: Early Church History Nil  CFE2310
THEO2330: Medieval Christian Experience Nil  CFE2330
THEO2340: Modern Church History Nil  CFE2330
THEO2350: Reformations: Churches in the 16th Century Nil  CFE2350
THEO2004: Patristics Nil  CFE2004
THEO1000: Foundations of Catholic Theology Nil  CFE1000
THEO1510: Liturgy: Work of God and Work of God’s People Nil  CFE1510
THEO2250: Introduction to Sacramental Theology Nil  CFE2250
THEO2400: Christology Nil  CFE2400
THEO2410: Fundamental Theology Nil  CFE2410
THEO2460: Eschatology – The Living Hope of Christians Nil  CFE2460
THEO2480: Sacraments of Initiation Nil  CFE2480
THEO3370: The Theology and Practice of the New Evangelisation Nil  CFE3370
THEO3410: Ecclesiology/Mariology Nil  CFE3410
THEO3420: Eucharist Nil  CFE3420
THEO3430: Sacraments of Healing and Reconciliation Nil  CFE3430
THEO3470: Sacraments in the Catholic Tradition Nil  CFE3470
THEO3450: Marriage and Orders Nil  CFE3450
THEO3540: Trinity Nil  CFE3540
THEO2020: Catholic Social Thought: An Introduction Nil  CFE2020
THEO2240: Scripture and Morality Nil  CFE2240
THEO2470: Fundamental Moral Theology Nil  CFE2470
THEO3440: Christian Moral Thinking Nil  CFE3440
THEO3490: Bioethics – A Catholic Theological Analysis Nil  CFE3490
THEO3520: Ministry of Social Justice Nil  CFE3520
THEO3560: Marriage and Sexuality Nil  CFE3560
THEO1020: Spirituality and the Challenges of Reconciliation Nil  CFE1020
THEO1520: Introduction to Christian Spirituality Nil  CFE1520
THEO2430: Anthropology: Human Being within the Mystery Nil  CFE2430
THEO2550: Pastoral Theology Foundations Nil  CFE2550
THEO3570: Theology of Today for Adults of Tomorrow Nil  CFE3570
THEO3680: Personal Growth and Integration Nil  CFE3680
THEO3700: Human Affectivity in Theology and Christian Living Nil  CFE3700
F – OTHER THEOLOGY COURSES (Dean’s approval is required to enrol in the following courses)
THEO3900: Directed Individual Study Dean’s approval  CFE3900
THEO3950: Special Topics in Theology Dean’s approval  CFE3950

List of courses that are eligible – linking to relevant course pages (new template to be created). Also include the Diploma Pathway Program as an option here for those that want to prepurchase



The Undergraduate Certificate in Theology consists of four courses.

Students will select one of the following courses:

  • THEO1000 Foundations of Catholic Theology
  • THEO1520 Introduction to Christian Spirituality

Plus, one of the following courses:

  • THEO1110 Introduction to Old Testament
  • THEO1210 Introduction to New Testament

And, any two of the following courses:

  • THEO1020 Spirituality and the Challenges of Reconciliation
  • THEO2001 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
  • THEO2002 Introduction to New Testament Greek
  • THEO2003 Introduction to Latin
  • THEO2120 Pentateuch
  • THEO2130 Psalms and Wisdom
  • THEO2210 Writings of Paul
  • THEO2220 Synoptic Gospels
  • THEO2230 Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles
  • THEO2310 Early Church History
  • THEO2330 Medieval Christian Experience
  • THEO2340 Modern Church History
  • THEO2350 Reformations: Churches in the 16thCentury
  • THEO2250 Introduction to Sacramental Theology
  • THEO2400 Christology
  • THEO2410 Fundamental Theology
  • THEO2460 Eschatology – The Living Hope of Christians
  • THEO2480 Sacraments of Initiation
  • THEO2020 Catholic Social Thought: An Introduction
  • THEO2240 Scripture and Morality
  • THEO2470 Fundamental Moral Theology
  • THEO2430 Anthropology: Human Being within the Mystery
  • THEO2550 Pastoral Theology Foundations

Please note that although this certificate is delivered wholly online, the Bachelor of Theology requires attendance on the Sydney or Fremantle campus.

Students will need to undertake 50% of their degree at the CFE: 2 courses of the required 4 courses for UGCertTh or 4 courses of the required 8 courses for the DTheol. The remaining 50% of the degree will be completed at UNDA.

Once a student has completed their courses at CFE, they are encouraged to enrol into a UGCertTh or DTheol at Notre Dame University. To enrol at Notre Dame University, please click here

Course Offerings Term 1, 2023


CFE2020 -Catholic Social Teaching: An Introduction


CFE2430 – Created in the Image of God: An Introduction to Christian Anthropology


CFE3450 – Marriage and Orders: Answering the Call to Serve and Love


CFE1210 – The New Testament: A Journey Through Mystery, Meaning and Translation


CFE2240 – Scripture and Morality: Living Life to the Full According to God’s Word


CFE3430 – Sacraments of Healing: Entering into Communion with God and the Church

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