Interview with a Mystic

  Do you suspect that a woman who has lived as a contemplative nun for almost 75 years would have […]

Here’s to a Beauty-full 2016!

Happy New Year! Why not celebrate the birth of the new year with a clip of the ever-insightful Sr Wendy […]

When Life Doesn’t Match the Carols

A treasured friend of mine posted the following quote on Facebook the other day. It really spoke to me, so […]

Cultivating Sacred Receptivity in Advent and Beyond

This time of year, Advent, points to what it means to be human. To be truly human is to live in […]

Lessons from the Monastic Cell

Just as ancient grains are enriching for the body, much ancient wisdom is enriching for the soul. The Desert Fathers […]

Julian of Norwich: Mystic of Surprises

One of our courses here at the Centre for Faith Enrichment this term (“Cosmic Vision of the Mystics”) draws on […]

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