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Exploring Faith Part II: Intermediate Theology

ON: Wednesdays 14th February - 4th April
FROM: 10.00am - 12.00pm (8 sessions)
WITH: Mr Joe Tedesco
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

A continuation of Exploring Faith: Theology for Beginners, this captivating course will explore the theology of key contributors throughout history; from the foundational forbearers of the early Church to great thinkers of the modern era. Figures such as Augustine and Aquinas have shaped Christianity and Western thought in marked ways. Revisiting them with fresh eyes not only helps us understand how we have come to believe what we do, but provides us with sources of wisdom that help us make sense of our faith. The course will also take in theologians such as Karl Rahner and Elisabeth Fiorenza who have helped bring the richness of the Christian faith into genuine dialogue with modern and post-modern times. Please note, having undertaken Exploring Faith: Theology for Beginners is NOT a prerequisite for this course.

Prayer in Silent Land

ON: Thursdays 15th February - 1st March
FROM: 7.30pm - 8.30pm (3 sessions)
WITH: Rev. Dr Charles Waddell
AT: Online

This course explores prayer as our longing for radical openness to God in our everyday lives.

A Journey through the Gospel of Matthew

ON: Fridays 16th February - 23rd March
FROM: 10.00am - 12.30pm (6 sessions)
WITH: Mrs Jan O'Connor
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

Have you ever found a Gospel story a bit puzzling? Sometimes we may wonder: What is this really all about? What messages lie underneath the text? For example, what is Matthew trying to tell his readers in his particular account of the birth of Jesus?
Why is it important to study a Gospel anyway? Matthew’s Gospel offers not only answers but also some surprises. His Gospel has much to teach us in terms of ancient times and customs as well as the real purpose of the Gospels. It offers a challenge, not only to better understand the Scriptures, but to live them in a more meaningful way.

Walking The Way of the Cross in 2018

ON: Tuesdays 20th February - 27th March
FROM: 10.00am - 12.00pm (6 sessions)
WITH: Sr. Shelley Barlow, RNDM
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

With Paul and Mark as our guides, we will contemplate Jesus’ Passion in the light of Creation and Scripture. Paul’s image of creation groaning for freedom and redemption (Rom 8) calls us to renewed conversion in a critical era of climate change. Taking up our cross and following Jesus is a core theme of Mark. Moreover, his Passion account comprises a third of his gospel. We are called to walk our way of the cross and follow Jesus if we want to find life (Mk 8.34f).

Exploring the Centrality of the Mass: Source and Summit of our Christian Life

ON: Wednesdays 21st February - 14th March
FROM: 7.00pm - 9.00pm (4 sessions)
WITH: Sr Kerry Willison RSM
AT: Morley Parish Centre, Infant Jesus Parish, 47 Wellington Rd, Morley

This course invites all those interested to discover and deepen their understanding of the Mass – the source and summit of our Christian life. Starting with an overview of the history of the Mass, the course will explore why we do what we do during the Mass, and reflect on how the sacrament of the Eucharist can be lived in a way that shapes our daily lives. These four classes will be co-hosted by Centre for Liturgy and the Centre for Faith Enrichment. Suggested donation $20.00.

Discerning Lent one Reading at a Time

ON: Thursdays 22nd February - 8th March
FROM: 7.00pm - 9.00pm (3 sessions)
WITH: Mr Joe Tedesco
AT: Nedlands Parish, 46 Thomas Street, Nedlands

The readings of Lent are carefully chosen to teach us about the way of Christ and to guide our journey through this particular period of the liturgical calendar. This course will unpack some of these key texts in a sophisticated yet accessible manner and, thus, help us find wonderful lessons for this special season and for life in general.

An Introduction to the Sacraments and Spiritual Life

ON: Thursdays 1st March - 5th April
FROM: 10.00am - 12.00pm (6 sessions)
WITH: Ms Johanna Banks
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

As a pathway for the growth of our spiritual life laid out by the Church, the Sacraments are our most privileged moments of encounter with God. However, for too many of us, they remain an untapped and undervalued source of Grace. This course will bring participants into a deeper understanding of each of the seven Sacraments of the Church, with a particular focus on developing a stronger awareness of their purpose and impact in our lives.

Lenten Retreat: Beside Still Waters

ON: Friday 2nd March
FROM: 9.30am - 2.30pm
WITH: Dr Pina Ford
AT: Redemptorist Monastery, 190 Vincent Street, North Perth

The Lenten journey asks us to slow down and allow the life, death and resurrection of Jesus to penetrate and illuminate our days revealing their beauty and purpose.
In stillness and prayer our hearts have an opportunity to open and accept God’s relentless desire to find us and be with us, to heal us and feast us from divine abundance. In this retreat, we will explore the theme of the Good Shepherd, a theme which spans the Old and New Testaments and was the primary way in which Christians in the early Church knew Jesus. All are welcome! Cost $10 (includes morning tea and lunch).

From Anchor to Kite: The Gift of Brokenness

ON: Thursdays 8th March - 22nd March
FROM: 7.30pm - 8.30pm (3 sessions)
WITH: Rev. Dr Charles Waddell
AT: Online

In this course we see how our failures, losses, sins and griefs are the doorways from mere existence to the joyous freedom of abundant life that Jesus promises (John 10:10).

Initiated and Sent: How the Sacraments of Initiation can Transform Us

ON: Wednesday 14th March
FROM: 7.00pm - 9.00pm
WITH: Fr Greg Donovan
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

As well as being an intense period of preparation for Candidates waiting to be received into the Church, Lent provides Catholics with an opportunity to reflect on the implications of their membership in the Church. What sustains our membership to the Church? What drives this engagement that nourishes our faith? Fr Greg Donovan will address these and related questions through an exploration of the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist). A light supper will be provided

Faith in the West: Historical Perspectives on the Catholic Church in WA

ON: Wednesday 18th April
FROM: 9.30am - 1.00pm
WITH: Dr Angeline O'Neill and Professor John Kinder and Professor Michael Quinlan
AT: St Mary's Cathedral, Perth

Held on World Heritage Day 2018, this conference will explore the rich story of Catholicism in Western Australia over the last three centuries. There will be three papers from unique perspectives by three noted scholars on religious law, the World War One conscription debate and WA’s missionary history. Join us in celebrating Western Australia’s Catholic cultural heritage within the confines of a state-listed heritage site. This event is co-hosted by the Archdiocese’s Centre for Faith Enrichment and the Archives Office.

The Writings of St Augustine

ON: Wednesdays 9th May - 30th May
FROM: 10.00am - 12.00pm (4 sessions)
WITH: Sr. Shelley Barlow, RNDM
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

An exploration in book-club style of the Writings of Augustine. In just 100 pages this book celebrates excerpts from C. One of the great spiritual classics, the Confessions has bestowed boundless wisdom on every generation. Cost $40 (includes a copy of the book)  All are welcome!

Acts of Apostles

ON: Thursdays 10th May - 24th May
FROM: 7.30pm - 8.30pm (3 sessions)
WITH: Rev. Dr Charles Waddell
AT: Online

This online course presents the way to follow Jesus as seen through the lives of the earliest Christians.

Meister Eckhart: The Man from whom God hid Nothing

ON: Tuesdays 15th May - 19th June
FROM: 10.00am - 12.30pm (6 sessions)
WITH: Mr John Auer
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

Living at the apogee of one of the most creative periods of the Christian contemplative tradition was an extraordinary man – Meister Eckhart – a person of profound intellect, a spiritual guide to Christianity and to our whole Western civilisation.
While his writings are often poetical and paradoxical they are grounded in a deep knowledge and understanding of Scripture. 
We find in his teaching a way of understanding creation, who we are, who Christ is, who God the Creator is for us, which sits comfortably within the context of modern cosmology.
You are invited on a journey as we explore key aspects of the teaching of this remarkable man.

Bridging East and West: An Exploration of the Eastern Catholic Traditions

ON: Thursdays 24th May - 14th June
FROM: 10.00am -12.00pm (4 sessions)
WITH: Rev. Fr. Elias Kilzi
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

In his Encyclical Ut Unum Sint, Pope Saint John Paul II stated that “the Church must breathe with its two lungs” – its Eastern one and its Western one. The Pope was especially encouraging Western Catholics to learn about and come to appreciate the Eastern tradition and the rich heritage of the Eastern Catholic Churches. Who are the Eastern Catholics? Where did their Churches originate, and how does their worship differ from the Roman Catholic Church? Melkite Priest Fr Elias Kilzi will guide participants in a four-week exploration of the Eastern tradition, including an explanation of how certain Eastern traditions can act as “bridges” between East and West. All are welcome!

Letters of St Paul

ON: Thursdays 7th June - 21st June
FROM: 7.30pm - 8.30pm (3 sessions)
WITH: Rev. Dr Charles Waddell
AT: Online

This online course explores the life-changing letters of St Paul – a man completely transformed by and into the crucified and resurrected Jesus.

The Roots of the Christian Story: Discovering the Old Testament

ON: Thursday 4th October
FROM: 9.30am - 12.30pm
WITH: Dr Pina Ford
AT: Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

Our Christian story begins with the scriptures of the Hebrew people – the scriptures that Jesus knew, that we call the Old Testament. What questions do you have about this remarkable collection of writings? This day will explore questions such as: Who wrote the books of the Old Testament? When were they written and why? What does the Old Testament tell us about God that prepares us for Jesus and the Gospels. Morning tea provided. All are welcome!