Using Greek to Unlock Biblical Terms


Face to Face Course
Fridays 21st February - 27th March
10.00am - 12.30pm (6 sessions)
Dr Peter Christofides
Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

When reading the Scriptures, we find words that are difficult to understand.  Over six weeks, we will discover the “real meaning” of the following words: DISCIPLE, GLORY, EVANGELISM, GRACE, FELLOWSHIP, CHURCH and see how these words apply to our lives today. Most of our English translations of the Bible are great interpretations of the original Hebrew or Greek. However, in any translation, not everything that was communicated in the original language can be precisely conveyed in another language. Some nuances do not transfer well from one language to another.  As a result, a translation rarely is a perfect version of the original. Let us “bridge the gap” together and get “FUEL FOR THE JOURNEY”. CEWA Ongoing Renewal: this course has been approved for Knowledge.

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