Catholic Social Teaching Series: Faith in Action: God & Migration: Towards a theology of migration


One Off Event
Friday 8th November
9.30am - 11.30am
Deacon Greg Lowe (WA Catholic Migrant Refugee Office) and Dr Margaret Scharf, OP
Newman Siena Centre (Clune Lecture Theatre)

Within a lecture format, Fr Thomas Groody’s theology of migration will be explored in four parts: Imago Dei, Verbum Dei, Missio Dei and Visio Dei. Participants will learn that the migration phenomena can be understood as a way of thinking about God and human life. Participants will also learn that the migration phenomena is a call, spiritually speaking, to cross borders and overcome barriers as an expression of the Christian mission of reconciliation. Cost $10.00 (morning tea included) The Catholic Social Teaching Series: Faith in Action is an archdiocesan inter-agency collaboration between Catholic Institute of WA (CIWA), West Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office (WACMRO) and the Centre for Faith Enrichment (CFE). CEWA Ongoing Renewal: this course has been approved for Knowledge.

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