Advent 2019 – Making our hearts, homes and community ready for Christ


Face to Face Course
Thursdays 14th November - 5th December
7.00pm - 9.00pm (4 sessions)
Mr Derek Boylen
Ellenbrook Parish, cnr Coolamon Drive and Strathmore Parkway, Ellenbrook

Advent calls us to remember that the truth of the Incarnation was so profound that the early Church fell to her knees at these words: “and He was incarnate by the Holy Spirit, from the virgin Mary, and became man.” In the ordinary form of the Roman Rite, each week, we bow to these same words. These gestures acknowledge the profound mystery of the truth of the Incarnation. How does the infinite enter the finite? How does He, whom the very heavens cannot contain, enter the womb of Mary? These talks call us to embrace Advent as a special time for preparing our hearts, homes and communities to receive Christ. CEWA Ongoing Renewal: this course has been approved for Faith Formation. 

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