Coming Home to the Heart of God


Face to Face Course
Tuesdays 29th August - 19th September
7.00pm - 9.00pm (4 sessions)
Dr Margaret Scharf, OP
Highgate Parish, 50 Mary Street, Highgate

Our friends, the Mystics, have written about the singular connection to the heart of God, and the Church expresses great devotion to the Sacred Heart. What does it mean to come home to the heart of God, to realize that the One whom we desire dwells within us, and calls us to that ultimate union with Godself? Participants will explore the writings of Catherine of Siena and Margaret Ebner, Margaret Mary Alacoque, the Sacred Scriptures, the history and symbolism of the heart in art, a contemporary reflection on the Sacred Heart, and “our coming home to the heart of God.” Suggested donation $20.00.


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